Audio Systems


Audio Conferencing

Communication is Key

Communication via teleconferencing is still the number one utilize means of connecting teams who cannot be in the same room. Ensuring everyone participating in the meeting can hear is incredibly crucial in today's business environment. 

Root provides a wide variety of audio conferencing solutions. Whether embedded table microphones or a seamless and effective beamforming microphone solutions, Root can help choose the best solution for any application.


Sound Reinfrocement Systems

Sports arenas, houses of worship, conference centers, training rooms, classrooms, and industrial plants all have unique audio challenges. Root offers a variety of solutions to solve each challenge to achieve the performance the audience is expecting. 

The Root Design Team utilizing a variety of software tools to design each solution to meet the performance requirements of the space.  

Root offers a variety of system solutions including products from QSC, JBL Pro, Biamp, Shure, Sennheiser, Community, Audio Technica and much more.  


Sport Venues

Root provides full design and deployment services for a wide variety of solutions for sport venues. Root has designed and deployed solutions for the "big-3" sports facilities down to an elementary school gymnasium. 


- Outdoor Stadiums

- Gymnasiums

- Natatoriums

- Field Houses

- Training Facilities


- Sound Reinforcement Systems

- Public Address Systems

- Coaches Intercom

- Sound Effect Solutions

- Portable Sound Systems

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