4K What to KNOw

- By Extron Electronics

The 4K Video Signal – What You Need to Know Now 4K signals are on an evolving path. While the format’s current capabilities provide advantages over 1080p HD, AV industry organizations such as SMPTE and the ITU have, or are developing, new technical standards that will supplement or enhance the 4K viewing experience. These changes propose to further increase the realism of 4K video presentations. When designing 4K AV systems, the primary consideration is bandwidth, i.e. the maximum data rate that needs to be supported by every system component that transports, switches, and processes the 4K video signal. Compared to 2K and 1080p signals, 4K signals require considerably higher data rates to transmit signals from the source to the display. For optimal system design and equipment selection, it is important to understand 4K video data rate requirements and the potential trade‑offs against performance. Four key factors impact bandwidth requirements for today as well as tomorrow’s 4K: • Resolution • Color bit depth • Frame rate • Chroma sampling We’ll examine each of these components and the impact they have on the presentation and the data rate of a 4K signal. Resolutions – 4K DCI and 4K UHD The term 4K refers to resolutions that can reach up to 4096x2160 pixels. 4K DCI was established by Digital Cinema Initiatives in 2005 as the standard for the next generation of high-resolution digital cinema projectors. This resolution was determined by doubling the horizontal and vertical resolutions of the 2K DCI resolution of 2048x1080. Ultra High Definition – 4K UHD refers to the 3840x2160 resolution that is detailed in ......

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Fueling the BYOD Trend

By Vaddio

 With the widespread “consumerization” of technology and the increasing availability of cloud-based applications, employees want the ability to use their favorite device and applications anywhere. From young millennial-workers used to being constantly plugged in, to talented, high-powered workers of all ages, there is a strong desire for significant flexibility and control in how and where they work. Therefore, companies that want to remain competitive, recruit the best talent, and increase employee satisfaction and retention rates must embrace the BYOD revolution. Even for those companies resistant to BYOD, their efforts will most likely be futile. According to a recent MokaFive survey, 88% of respondents said their companies had some form of BYOD, whether sanctioned or not.iii With such high numbers of BYOD use, like it or not, BYOD is here to stay. Organizations and IT managers worry about security risks and the inherent difficulties in supporting a wide array of devices and operating systems. Yet, there is increasing evidence that the benefits of BYOD are worth the risks and the headaches. “BYOD is one of the most important directions in enterprise IT, with enormous potential benefits in 

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Extend the Life and Value of Video 

- By Cisco

Video conferencing is enhancing teamwork and business relationships across all industries. The ability to meet live and face to face with remote colleagues and customers is having a great effect on companies. They’re saving time and money. Improving collaboration. Making faster informed decisions. All while creating experiences that are “almost as good as being there.” But video doesn’t only improve live meetings. It provides a simple, effective way to engage people in many ways. Backed by powerful Cisco products and services, you can increase the value of video conferencing in your organization. This guide will help you understand the different stages of enterprise video content, and how you can use them to get the most out of your video investment. The three stages are: ● Capture video content using any device, including smartphones, tablets, and desktops as well as Cisco TelePresence® Systems and other equipment. ● Transform the video content for live streaming and optimized viewing on different devices, fro

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